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Why is it Free?

Free Reiki Attunements!


It is as easy as filling out the form and all attunements are given the next Saturday morning of the month.


Why is it free?


Universal Life Energy is what we are already! The attunement process is simply a more direct way to focus the intention of calmness, peacefulness and healing to us all. I believe that everyone should benefit from this practice and what better way than to offer it free. There are 6.6 billion people on the planet and at the rate we are growing there is simply not enough time to spend on the old method of student/teacher. We are living in the age and land of more. So let us have more self-healing, self awareness and higher purpose added to our list!


Reiki is one of the many tools I discuss in my book Spiritual Bootcamp and is offered as part of the seminars and reading material. This site is to promote the value of self-healing and self awareness. For further information on this and other tools offered go to



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