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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  Is Reiki in any way harmful to practice?


A.  Reiki is simply Universal Life Energy Force which is what everything in the Universe is. The energy flows where it is required and needed in your body, healing whatever aspect of the body is needed. Wherever low energy is in the body, Reiki infuses more and higher energy in the area to alleviate any dis-ease.



Q.  What happens when I am attuned to Reiki?


A.  When I was attuned I felt a warm sensation moving through my body and a peaceful state of awareness covering my mind. Everyone feels and senses something deeply personal. I have attuned thousands of people and the experiences each have shares have been their own. I will say that no one has every felt anything less than calm and peaceful for a time afterwards.


Q.  How is a treatment given?


A.  Treatments are given by practitioners and can also be received through a self-treatment. A Reiki Master’s hands are lightly and gently placed over different areas of the body for a few minutes to allow the flow of the energy to move from the Higher Mind through the Heart and out the hands. Often times a warm heat is felt in the hands as the energy moves. This is not always and is not the only sign that the treatment is working. Treatments are given both sitting and reclining.


Q.  Can I treat myself?


Absolutely! The purpose of offering Reiki free to people is to give them a tool that will create personal well-being and good health! You should try to use Reiki everyday at least once a day on yourself to fully enjoy the benefits of the Universal Life Force!


Q.  What can be treated by Reiki?


All ailments and maladies can be treated and in conjunction with any treatment presented by a doctor or medication. Reiki encourages a person to let go of fear, anxiety and stress associated with dis-ease of the mind and body. We create all illness from the mind and it has been shown by doctors that most dis-ease and illness are preventable and a great deal of them begins in the mind. I do not know of any illness or dis-ease that Reiki is an important part of healing. Many cancer hospitals now have Reiki practitioners as part of their ongoing staff to help in alleviating the discomforts a patient feels from chemotherapy and radiation. Reiki is also a great resource of preventative practice in keeping a sense of well-being in a person so the dis-ease never has a chance to happen. It has been found that happy people are healthy people.





Q.  What is long distant healing?


Reiki has be generally taught in three courses; I, II, III. In Reiki II a person learns to use symbols to send Reiki across time and space. This is very beneficial in helping a loved one miles from you to gain healing power. I also believe that Reiki not only can heal from long distances in the present but is beneficial in healing in both the past and the future since time and space are relative. In healing past issues we are able to have a healthier and happier future. The Reiki Symbols are not given to you during your attunement. The attunement is for you to practice healing yourself. If however you wish to learn more about the symbols and how to use them you may purchase an e-book which has all the “secrets” included and will help guide you in working with Reiki with others for free or as a profession.


Q.  How do I receive the Reiki Vibes Manual after my attunement?


The Reiki Vibes manual will be made available for you to purchase after your free attunement. An email will be sent to you telling you the date and time you were attuned and a link will be included that will direct you to the site where you can purchase and download the e-book. The price of the e-book is $19.97 and includes the symbols, how to do the attunements on others, certificates, diagrams, a variety of meditations, educational tools and client release forms. This manual will give you everything you need to start practicing as a Reiki Master immediately.







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