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What is Reiki?

Reiki is for everyone!


What is Reiki? Reiki is a healing method done through a “hands on” technique and is non-evasive, safe and easy to do yourself and others, including your pets!


Reiki is a Japanese world meaning “universal life force” or rei — HIGHER POWER and ki—LIFE ENERGY FORCE. Although the word is Japanese the technique has been around for much longer that the rediscovery of the practice by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800’s. Dr. Usui received the “attunement” from Divine Inspiration. No one attuned him but himself. Since universal life force is for everyone and since we are not always listening to the messages we receive from our Higher Power, we are now able to benefit from his moment of revelation.


“Hands on” healing has been part of every culture in history and has been available to us from ancient times. The “secrets” of Reiki are not secrets at all but simply a tool to have kept the healing method under the control of a very few people to be able to keep the price of learning the healing method expensive. At one time the cost of learning to become a Reiki Master cost in excess of $10,000 !


Those days are gone! Now you can be attuned to become a Reiki Master for free!

The world is in a population explosion and the need for people to be able to heal themselves effortlessly is important. As we all know, when we cut ourselves the wound heals from within. Doctors are not healers they are diagnostic mechanics. Sometimes very good ones I might add. All healing comes from within the patient, or patience of the individual to allow the universal life energy force within to let go of the dis-ease of the body. Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy. The universal life energy has been effective in the treatment of every kind of malady and has constantly been shown to bring positive results. It can be used successfully in conjunction with all medical treatments to relieve any and all side effects as well as promoting a positive recovery.


It is time to spend time with yourself a few minutes each day and allow yourself to heal from the incredible life force within you!


Developing a daily practice of Reiki will elevate you to have a more positive inner and outer glow. Reiki is a self improvement technique which develops a deeper personal spiritual awareness which promotes happiness and joy!


Reiki is passed to you through a series of attunements from a Reiki Master. In the past you would go through a series of time to receive each attunement but not anymore. Now these attunements will be beamed to you all at once. Many folks feel a tingling or instant euphoria after their attunements. The transfer of the attunements are no different in person than they are long distance. In fact, one of the techniques you can learn is how to “beam” or visualize universal life energy to a person or pet over long or short distances, by using a picture or simply holding their image in your thoughts. When you are attuned this is exactly how it is done for you too!


Reiki is a spiritual technique and is not a religion. The beautiful thing is there is nothing you need to believe in order for Reiki to be effective. Of course, a positive, optimistic outlook on life helps.


Reiki is relaxing and meditative promoting calmness and peace from within.

We very rarely spend time being still and going within. We are societies based on going and doing. However, there is value in receiving fully the powers of universal life energy daily. It is cumulative and promotes health and more importantly, well-being. Wealth and prosperity first are received from a source called well-beingness.


Universal Life Force, Higher Consciousness, Higher Power, Nature or God are all the same thing. And this energy or power comes from within us not from without and is the source of all healing in abundant nature.


Not all healers use Reiki. In general they use life force in their practice. Healers who have added Reiki to their healing modalities discover very quickly the benefit of the attunements. The communication between the client and the practitioner is opened even further and the life energy is guided by higher energies. Clairvoyance and deeper intuitive abilities have been opened to both the practitioner and the client. Reiki opens the channels of the spirit-mind-body energies to allow higher energy to flow throughout clearing negative affirmed thoughts and replacing old dormant energies with higher and clearer energy vibrations. Lower energies diminish the life force of a person creating fatigue and unhappiness in them. Replacing these lower vibrations daily will enhance enthusiasm and create more inspiration to live a positive life.


Reiki causes no harm. Universal Life Force is Love which promotes calmness and peaceful feeling of joy. These are positive experiences and in no way reflect harmful side effects. The practitioner simply allows the energy to flow through them to wherever it is required and needed in the client.  The practitioner is never in any danger of taking on whatever energies the client produces. The universal life force energy simply transmutes the negative into positive results. You never need to worry if you are giving too much or too little in a treatment and the client will receive exactly what is needed.


The beautiful part of Reiki treatments is they are beneficial to both parties! Every one benefits from the positive universal life energy.


Babies, animals and plants love Reiki too! Remember Universal Life Force is present in all of us already. The attunement process simply aligns the energy more directly and with deliberate intention to enhance our clarity. The symbols in Reiki are for this purpose.

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